In an effort to strengthen the capacity of gender focal point systems and their alternates in all regional branches across the country, the NCMB conducted a seminar-workshop on gender analysis with emphasis on the use of the Harmonized Gender and Development Guidelines (HGDG) and Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation Framework (GMEF) in Quezon City last July 8 – 10, 2019.


According to NCMB Executive Director Maria Teresita L. Cancio, this is part of the Board’s continuing program to mainstream GAD concerns based on the priority needs of its clients and improve its policies on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of its programs and projects and make them more gender responsive.

Ms. Lorena T. Yunque of Philippine Commission on Women-National Gender and Development Resource Program (PCW-NGRP), has provided an enlightened on how to conduct an analysis, planning and mainstreaming of the Board’s programs on Gender and Development (GAD).

She emphasized that gender analysis tools were formulated to ensure that programs and projects undertaken by the Government in their various stages are gender responsive.

“ At this point in time, we can safely say that after the workshops, the GAD efforts of the Board definitely shows a promising lead,” Yunque said. “Twenty five percent of your budget for areawide seminars/plant-level orientation seminars, conciliation-mediation and voluntary arbitration can be attributed to GAD,” she added.

She encouraged the participants to work on a design to make the programs fully gender responsive so that full attribution can be made.

Apart from strengthening the gender analysis and policies related to GAD planning and budgeting, NCMB also revised its GAD plan for 2020, and formulated a budget which is both attainable and gender responsive.

“This seminar has shed some light on the application of the HGDG and GMEF, so that we can now work on the improvement of GAD responsiveness of our programs,” said RCMB 8 Director Gemma R. Poloyapoy. “This is a first step towards a fully gender responsive NCMB, “she added.