“We thank the professional photographers from PhotoWorld Manila Assessment Center, Inc. under the division of the Federation of Philippine Photographers Foundation, Inc. (FPFF), headed by Mr. Pablo Beltran for sharing their skills and expertise in the field of photography. The NCMB Labor Information Officers (LIOs) has an important role in fostering industrial relations. Do the action by applying your learnings to promote the program, the bipartite mechanism’, said Executive Director Maria Teresita D. Lacsamana-Cancio during the Seminar-Workshop on Comprehensive Digital Photography and Storytelling in Photography held at Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio City on October 7-11, 2019.



“I am so delighted to see their outputs as they applied what they learned from this workshop. The NCMB LIOs primary task is to tell the story and the good news on what Labor Management Cooperation can do for the workers, you can do with pictures and convey messages through pictures”, Cancio added.

During the workshop, Mr. Ador Pamintuan gave educational lectures and valuable insights on the technical knowhow in understanding and familiarization of Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera while Mr. Erwin Noche provided perception on the application of the different elements of photography.

Mr. Vic Sison discussed photojournalism and advised the participants to expand their horizon in photography to capture pictures that conveys information. Mr. Amergo Alba explained the different types of portraiture. He also provided an overview on how to enhance photos using Adobe Lightroom.

The participants on the other hand, were so elated on this new experience. They were looking forward in applying their learnings from the workshops conducted by the resource speakers as they pursue their subjects. “We wish to have a part two of this activity, it really brings out the creativity and art in us. We thank the Board’s senior officials, most especially our Exec. Director Maria Teresita Lacsamana Cancio, OIC Deputy Exec. Director Maria Cristina O. Mangaliman and RID Chief Marife E. Fausto for formulating and supporting this kind of activity. We also want to thank CAR Regional Director Brenda C. Odsey and the RID Staff for the overwhelming support they provided all throughout the activity.

Lastly, we want to express our gratitude to the resource speakers for their patience and untiring support in helping us understand our cameras, they patiently taught us on how the aperture, shutter and ISO compensates each other to capture a meaningful photograph. Be it in a shallow and deep depth of field, we experienced wonders to explore our shutters in freezing a moving object” conveyed by the participants in unison.

The seminar-workshop is part of the intensive capacity building plan for the Board’s Labor Information Officer (LIO) designates and technical staff to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude in understanding the different perspectives in photography and the ability to translate photographs into moving and captivating success stories of NCMB programs. It is aimed to enable them to acquire the ability to communicate information through photography.