In an effort to shift into a more efficient and automated way of processing financial transactions, the NCMB conducted a 3-day seminar-workshop on  Budget and Training Management System (BTMS) for the regional branches at Robbinsdale Residences, Quezon City last December 10 – 12, 2019.


“We are given the responsibility as public servants to manage the limited budget in the implementation of our programs, thus, we must do our work with passion and conviction with the resources that we have”, Executive Director Maria Teresita L. Cancio said in her inspirational message. Further, she reminded everyone that work is an extention of one’s self and that they should put love in everything they do.

The seminar-workshop  focused on the familiarization of the user-interface of the BTMS starting from the preparation of purchase request, down to disbursement voucher, obligation and  payment

Participants were provided a hands-on exercises to ensure their readiness in    accessing, and exploring the system.

The BTMS system is expected to be fully implemented on January 2020.

The BTMS is an integrated, web-based information management system that will replace the existing budget management and accounting system piloted by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and the Bureau of Treasury (BTr) under the Department of Finance for budget execution and accountability.-  Diadema A. Aguirre